Offer to a partner for the construction of houses

The simplicity and speed of construction using sip technology every year more and more attracts not only end consumers, but also those who want to make money on it. Our company is ready to offer favorable conditions to potential partners in the construction of houses, construction teams, dealers. We are ready to consider proposals for partnership and the signing of supply contracts on mutually beneficial terms. PSK Sip Dom is developing very quickly and as a result, there is a lack of representative offices in some regions of Ukraine. Hurry up to become the first in your region, by building a vertical that generates stable income, you are guaranteed to receive even greater discount discounts from our company and priority support in the development of your network.

let’s start

For beginners, we are ready to provide training materials on sip technology and advice from our specialists. Be prepared for an interview, each of our representatives must be interviewed by the management. This is due to the protection of our brand, we are interested in the rapid growth of the dealer network not to suffer from the quality of services sold under our brand. We constantly listen to end-user feedback and take measures to improve the services and availability of our products.

Building with us is not only comfortable, but also profitable!

For those who have a company with a developed dealer network in the field of construction, we can offer the signing of an agreement for the exclusive right to sell our products and organize construction work under our brand on the partner’s territory, information support and advice, developed advertising products, decorated in the corporate style of our companies.

Contact us, call us, we are ready for new initiatives and cooperation.