We are a production and construction company (PSK Sip Dom) with a friendly team and a network of sales representatives. At your disposal: our office, architectural and design department, production workshop and a staff of qualified builders. As well as our talents and capabilities.

For more than 8 years, we have been creating and taking care of the implementation of new sip technologies in construction, which allow us to quickly build warm reliable houses from sip panels. We advise on a variety of questions about sip houses from planning to end-of-life: geodetic surveys of the building site; design, adaptation of finished projects; supply of communications; foundation construction; installation of sip panels; roof, doors, windows; ventilation systems; external and internal finishing. The idea that underlies all our activities is the introduction of modern useful innovations in construction.

Since our founding in 2010, we have developed into a fast growing business operating throughout Ukraine along with representatives of our products and services. We are one of the few companies that is able to implement complex projects for the construction of structures from sip panels, as well as benefit from the representation and cooperation with our company.

Our technologies are constantly being improved and used in the construction of economic, residential, commercial structures, bold engineering developments, joint partner projects.

The commitment of our people and the shared values ​​that unite us give many stakeholders confidence in our business and motivate them to actively participate in it. We have a collective commitment to work confidently and safely, no matter what we do.

Products, production of sip panels

Sip panels production. WarehouseAll elements of the future sip house are produced in our production and have a high degree of readiness for installation. The edges of the sip panels are precisely trimmed, the necessary corners are cut, the wall sip panels are assembled with timbers, all sides are marked according to the drawings, this significantly reduces the time for assembling the house kit. All products of our production are tested three times. Serial samples are completed with a product passport and a test certificate.

From us, you will consistently receive a high-quality home kit without intermediaries at a manufacturer’s bargain price. Our production of sip houses certifies not only the materials that make up the sip panels, but also finished products (wall blocks and ceilings). Today we are faced with the priority task of certification of our entire enterprise in accordance with the European quality standards ISO.

Thanks to the innovative properties of the sip  panels and the precision of their manufacture, even houses with a huge living area are assembled very quickly, like a LEGO construction set. In addition, the home kit can be easily transported and assembled in small teams of 3 people without additional hoists and cranes. This significantly expands the horizon for the construction of sip houses, especially in places that are difficult to access for technology (in the mountains, on the slopes of hills).

By simplifying construction, we reduce the risks and terms of delivery of the object. Our products and facilities undergo even the most demanding environmental and fire safety checks. By choosing our products and our services, you get more than just a home. You will receive a guarantee and confidence in the reliability of your future home. In addition, we will relieve you of 90% of the headaches associated with organizing construction work. We are always ready to advise on the construction of sip houses and help in choosing the best building materials.

In addition to the manufacture of house kits for housing construction according to individual projects, our company has its own development of standard projects for premises for conducting economic and entrepreneurial activities. These are often popular construction huts, shift booths, gatehouses, dryers, trade booths, mini-office, mini-pavilions and cafes.

How we are working

Sip panels production. Bonding equipmentWhen we build buildings and infrastructure, we expect them to stand the test of time.

In order for PSK Sip Dom to remain at the forefront of its industry, we need to constantly improve efficiency, innovate and always take care of safety. This is driving potential and value for our customers.

For us, increased efficiency means less waste and a well-thought-out logistics. This allows our partners to invest in the development of our company. The availability of qualified specialists allows us to expand our capabilities and contributes to the improvement of everything that we manufacture, build, install and service. Therefore, customers can confidently entrust us with the embodiment of all our capabilities, including security. We do not sacrifice safety for profit. We build to last.


Competitive advantages

Sip panels production. LoadingBy creating benefits for our customers, we increase operational efficiency and eliminate losses along the entire chain: supply, production, supply of communications, construction of a structure, turnkey acceptance.

In the course of your relationship with us, you will be able to use our advantages:

  • Availability of covered warehouses.
  • Saving house kits until favorable conditions for the construction of a sip house.
  • Completing a sip house for assembly with building materials at wholesale prices.
  • Fast packing and loading of sip panels for urgent shipment.
  • Selling from a warehouse, we have the most favorable prices in the market for sip panels.

We want to make sure that our customers get the best value for money; we tirelessly cut unnecessary costs and work with our customers to ensure that their money is spent in the best possible way. Providing the most favorable price/quality ratio increases our competitiveness and creates capital in our company, a significant part of which we invest in development.

Sip Construction Experts

Make sure we have the best design, construction, engineering and project management capabilities.

Continuously innovating, we provide developers with ready-made structures, buildings and high-class infrastructure. Our strongest differentiator is our design and project management capabilities. The presence of highly qualified specialists creates the preconditions for believing that we will win the best and most interesting construction tenders.

Affiliate Network

Clients must be confident in our ability to deliver quality agreements. A robust risk management system ensures that problems are resolved and projects are delivered properly and on time. Satisfied clients increase our potential for development and obtaining new buildings in the future.

Become our priority partner in the construction of sip houses or the supply of quality building materials by fulfilling the agreements concluded with us. More details…

Safety and Environment

Health and safety is at the heart of everything we manufacture and build – we are committed to protecting our people, our suppliers, our customers, and the environment. Construction is inherently dangerous business, without careful observance of all safety standards, we can lose our licenses to operate. Plus, our wealthy and healthy employees are happier, more motivated and more efficient.



We are constantly passing certification for the main components of our products, which confirms a high level of environmental friendliness, corresponding strength indicators, protection against fire and many other building characteristics.

Deko glue, is used for the production of sip panels and demonstrates durability, oxidation resistance, does not lose its structural characteristics over a wide temperature range.



Expanded polystyrene EPS (PSB-S) – the internal heat-insulating filler of sip panels has sufficient strength characteristics to be used not only as insulation, but also as a structural material capable of bearing high mechanical loads.


OSB3 Egger Boards is a moisture-resistant, fireproof, environmentally friendly shell of sip panels with high density and excellent structural properties.